Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Packing, unique recipes, and elliptical machines.

At the end of this week I will be moving out of my current apartment into one a block away. For the past two years, this crazy little studio has been my home. Despite the smallness of the space, I have quite a lot of stuff--making packing take quite a lot of time. Added to that is all the reminiscing that happens when one begins to sort through papers, etc. :-)
It's been a cozy home. I think I'll miss it. But now it's on to bigger and better things!

Because of the move, I haven't been buying groceries--trying to eat up what I have already. It's created some interesting meals. Which is nothing new for me.
1. Mexican Meatloaf with smashed tortilla chips instead of bread crumbs and salsa instead of marinara sauce.
2. Potato Brioches
3. Beef, mushroom, parsley and dried tomato pasta salad
4. Frozen cheese pizza with added spinach and mushrooms

Two weeks after moving, I will be off on another adventure. I'll be joining Jews for Jesus on their Summer Witnessing Campaign in NYC. In preparation for four weeks of intense street evangelism, I've been working out at Bally's. Lots of ellipticalling, stationary biking and speed- walking on the treadmill. "Going to the gym" is really a very interesting snapshot of American pop-culture at work.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ruth, barley, and the genealogy of Jesus

I think God is trying to tell me something. I'm not sure what it is, but I like the imagery.

1. We are studying the book of Ruth in the Mishpocago girls' Bible Study.
2. the Jewish holiday of Shavuot is coming up May 28-30--a celebration of the harvest and the giving of God's Word.
3. Last week we didn't have church because of the H1N1 Flu scare, so I listened to a sermon online. It happened to be the first of a series on Ruth by Mark Driscoll. (Amazing teaching! I highly recommend it.)
4. I've always wanted to do a painting from scripture. I got an idea to do a genealogy of Jesus, starting with Ruth and Boaz. Instead of a tree, I want to use a barley sheaf.

Here are some inspirations:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

From "In-training" to "Master": May 7, 2009

So maybe I'm not a public historian-in-training, in the strictest form of the phrase, any longer. Today graduated with a Master of Arts degree. It's kind of surreal. These last two years went by very very quickly. And now I'm out in the real world. Scary thought.

No job prospects yet. But I have faith that God will provide.
This summer I am going to NYC to do a street evangelism missions trip with Jews for Jesus. I am super excited to see New York, and the ways God is going to use me this summer. While there I'll also get to visit lots of museums, and hopefully get some good ideas for my future.

In the mean time, I might go back to working on that children's book, or illustrated cookbook.
When I return to Chicago in August, for the first time in 19 years, I will not be getting ready for school. I'm not sure how that's going to feel, but I am tell you it's going to be weird. I need to find an identity outside the academic sphere, away from student status.

I have this degree, but I'm still me. It's kind of like in one of the later Anne books when she receives her B.A. Everyone expects so much more of her and praises her for her accomplishments, but really she's still the same Anne.
So here I am, the same me, but stepping out into a world beyond school. A Master of Public History. May God bless the work of my hands.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Having church without going to church

This weekend Rogers Park Community Church chose not to meet. It was a precautionary measure because of the Swine Flu. Anyway, it was weird waking up this morning and not preparing to go to church. I have been so blessed to find a family in RPCC, but when I was in undergrad, I did not have a "home church." There were many Sundays that I would attend "Bed-side Baptist" instead of going out and finding a place to worship. I did not feel a part of the global church.

But now, sitting in my apartment, listening to a sermon online, I feel full participation in God's church. This morning, people all around the world woke up and met to worship the Lord. Often sitting in church, I get wound up in the "doing" and I don't take a moment to think about the global body of believers. Such community! What other institution can take any given moment and know someone else is praising God and lifting up their brothers and sisters in prayer?

I am grateful for this morning. A moment to sit, just me and God, and think about who He is to all of us, not just me, not just RPCC. He is the sovereign and good Lord of the entire Universe . . . and He loves me! It doesn't matter that we aren't meeting all together in a building, each and everyone of us is able to worship and praise our Heavenly Father wherever and whenever we are. So thank you, Jesus! But please bring us back together next week for holy fellowship and community. :-)

This is the sermon I listened to this morning. I encourage you to listen to it. There are six parts.
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