Sunday, February 22, 2009

Daily Epiphany: February 22

Things I realized this week:
1. Frozen potato soup does not defrost well.
2. Ricola Cough Drops are amazing. Halls tend me make me feel nauseous, so I'm glad I found a better brand. Plus, they help in the over all feeling-better process, not just a sore throat.
3. I think I was born in the wrong music era. I am really loving Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Bobby Darin (also contemporary covers by Barbra Streisand and Michael Buble).
4. Water is amazing! Hydration is both healthy and beautiful.
5. For all the snow that fell yesterday, there isn't very much on the ground, and I am ok with that.
6. Some of the stories in the Old Testament are pretty crazy/ God works in mysterious ways.
7. I crave sweets when I have a cold.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

In honor of Valentine's Day: An ode to clean romantic comedies

I went to go see He's Just Not That into You with a friend this weekend. I didn't read any reviews, so it's mostly my fault, or maybe it was just wishful thinking, but I wanted a feel-good movie. While this movie was a "chic flick," it wasn't a romantic comedy. The art of romantic comedy has gone down the tubes. Even recent movies correctly labeled as such are mostly overly sexified eye-candy.

Where are all the good old-fashioned romantic comedies that didn't need to be rated PG-13 for tickets to sell? Like You've Got Mail, While you were Sleeping, Sleepless in Seattle, One Fine Day, Return to Me . . .
Or even the classics adapted from the likes of Jane Austen, Lucy Maud Montgomery and Louis May Alcott.

I want to see a PG "chic flick" that is not about a teenage girls or Disney princesses. There's gotta be someone out there willing to engage in the making of wholesome entertainment that tugs at our heartstrings.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Daily Epiphany: February 12

Being a student of history, I am often so focused on the past, and being a human, worried about the near future that I forget about eternity. I forget that I have citizenship in Heaven; that I was not made for here, but to spend eternity with my Savior. When I do remember to be "kingdom" minded, I am reminded that my actions should be first and foremost pleasing to God.

I think that is why I was having such a hard time coming up with a good topic for my Masters Essay. I didn't want to write just any old research paper. I wanted my work to have purpose, to be relevant to who I am and what I am studying. This morning (with the help of my adviser) I finally found a topic! I will be asking the question, "Is family history public history?" However daunting this research endeavor may be, I am excited. May that excitement last!

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Sweater!

Working on the said sweater . . .

I decided to go with 3/4 length sleeves because it was already a pretty warm sweater, even though it is holey. I also made it a button-down, instead of closing it with a belt, as the pattern suggest. Final alteration: it was supposed to go down to mid-thigh. I thought that was too long.
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